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mosaicBaker Demonstration School is an independent coeducational school, serving toddler through eighth grade children, dedicated to creating well-rounded students through the principles of progressive education.

Less formally, Baker is a school where children learn by doing.

Founded in 1918 by Clara Belle Baker, a leader in progressive education, the curriculum today still reflects the philosophy she shared with the likes of Francis Parker, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget. In broad strokes, the school emphasizes hands-on learning over lectures and memorization of facts. Furthermore, as the North Shore’s only demonstration school, Baker is a place where students from leading college- and graduate-level education programs come to learn from our master instructors as teachers-in-training. Consequently, the majority of the classrooms have both a teacher and an associate teacher. It is the unique combination of demonstration school and progressive curriculum which makes Baker uniquely suited to teach children to love to learn, cherish the journey and serve the world.